Since its establishment in 2012, the Henry Chanoch Krenter Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Genomics has become a driving force behind advanced cancer and biomedical imaging research at the Weizmann Institute of Science and a catalyst for original research projects in these fields.

The Institute supports laboratory research, equipment acquisition, and scientific exchanges. Promoting collaborative projects between experts in both bioimaging and genomics, the Institute helps Weizmann scientists reach their goal: to elucidate the complex mechanisms of cancer.


Prof. Michal Neeman's research focuses on the mechanisms that regulate angiogenesis, the process through which new blood vessels form. She is particularly interested in ovarian cancer and, using techniques of magnetic resonance and optical imaging, has demonstrated that the hormonal changes that accompany menopause indirectly promote the growth of dormant tumors and the spread of ovarian cancer by inducing the growth of blood vessels that nourish the tumors.

Prof. Neeman is the Vice President of Weizmann Institute.