Zoom Lecture: “NMR of RNA: dynamics or in-cells”

Lecture / Seminar
Time: 09:15-10:15
Lecturer: Prof. Katja Petzold
Organizer: Department of Molecular Chemistry and Materials Science
Details: Dept. of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm
Abstract: Zoom Lecture: https://weizmann.zoom.us/j/98819686427?pwd=algvMEJUNHdvaFppNS9x ... Read more Zoom Lecture: https://weizmann.zoom.us/j/98819686427?pwd=algvMEJUNHdvaFppNS9xVzlTUkhYQT09 Passcode: 551107 Many functions of RNA depend on rearrangements in secondary structure that are triggered by external factors, such as protein or small molecule binding. These transitions can feature on one hand localized structural changes in base-pairs or can be presented by a change in chemical identity of e.g. a nucleo-base tautomer. We use and develop R1ρ-relaxation-dispersion NMR methods for characterizing transient structures of RNA that exist in low abundance (populations
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