The Clore Israel Foundation

The Clore Israel Foundation is a philanthropic foundation established by the late Sir Charles Clore in 1965, under the name Keren Clore. Sir Charles later established the Charles Clore 1979 Israel Foundation, as a vehicle for furthering his involvement with the State of Israel. Upon Sir Charles’ death in 1979, his daughter, Dame Vivien Duffield, became the Chair of both foundations, which subsequently merged. The unified organization was renamed the Clore Israel Foundation in 1998.

The Clore Israel Foundation has been at the forefront of charitable endeavors in Israel since its establishment. The Foundation supports large and small organizations alike, for projects ranging from major construction and renovation of buildings, to smaller-scale projects, all of which have the potential to make a positive impact on the world.

Image on the right: Dame Vivien Duffield in front of her late father’s portrait


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