The de Botton Center for Marine Science was established in 2014 to support a wide range of research that reflects the interactions between the depth of the ocean and its surrounding environment.

Scientists at the de Botton Center for Marine Research explore the world's oceans and their ecosystem. Ranging from their abyssal depths to their coastal waters, oceans and seas have a huge impact on the diverse environments surrounding them. Global anthropogenic processes and human activity have been directly affecting the biology, chemistry, and sedimentology of both the surface and the deep ocean basins. 


Prof. Ilan Koren heads the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. His research interests are in cloud and rain physics and ocean-atmosphere interactions. He explores theoretical aspects of complex systems and use marine dynamics, clouds and rain as a model to explore chaos, pattern formation and self-organizing systems.

He was awarded the International Radiation Commission – Young Scientist Award and the Krill Prize for Excellence in Scientific Research. He is a recipient of two ERC Grants, in 2012 and 2019.