The Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger Center for Nanophysics was established in 2001. Fueled by the success of the research on Mesoscopic Physics, at its establishment the main goal of this center was to promote theoretical research in Nanophysics at WIS.  This was done by funding student and postdoc fellowships, and by supporting physics students who travel to workshops and schools in this field.

An important priority of the center is enhancing collaboration between physicists at WIS and their peers abroad, it therefore widens its activity to other fields of physics and support from the Center plays today an important role in almost all the research in physics at the Institute.

The center provides funds for visitors and for students and postdoctoral fellows traveling abroad. Most of the activity of the Center is related to research projects based on theorists’ activity in the Faculty of Physics, but support has also been lent to appropriate projects in experimental physics.