Quantum Bits is a series of events aimed at university students where you can discover quantum technologies bit by bit.

In each of these online events, after a short introduction to the topic of the session, you will meet experts from different European institutions that will explain their work and its possible impact on society in just five minutes. After that, they will answer the questions coming from the audience.

Details and registration to the online events can be found on the Quantum Bits website

Quantum Bits is organized by the QTEdu pilot “QT5M” within the Quantum Flagship. Jointly with Weizmann's Center for Quantum Science and Technology, the program is orgenized by ICFO, Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology, the Institute for Atomic and Subatomic Physics of Vienna University of Technology, Aarhus University and TU Delft. 


You can watch here the first online event, about the topic of quantum communication, featuring Dr. Rotem Arnon-Friedman: