Principles and practice of large scale data analysis using R

Lecturers: Dr. Emmanuel Doram Levy, Dr. Schraga Schwartz, Dr. Igor Ulitsky
Semester: 1st
Time & Location: Sunday, 1415-1600, FGS, Rm C

Systems biology 101

Lecturers: Prof. Eran Segal
Semester: 1st
Time & Location: Sunday, 1115-1300, Wolfson Auditorium


Making larvae count


Epstein-Barr virus antibodies mark systemic lupus erythematosus and scleroderma patients negative for anti-DNA

Ittai Fattal; Noam Shental; Yair Molad; Armando Gabrielli; Elisheva Pokroy-Shapira; Shirly Oren; Avi Livneh; Pnina Langevitz; Rachel Pauzner; Ofer Sarig; Uzi Gafter; Eytan Domany; Irun R. Cohen (2014)
(Publication id: 51734)

Inference of Tumor Evolution during Chemotherapy by Computational Modeling and In Situ Analysis of Genetic and Phenotypic Cellular Diversity

Vanessa Almendro; Yu-Kang Cheng; Amanda Randles; Shalev Itzkovitz; Andriy Marusyk; Elisabet Ametller; Xavier Gonzalez-Farre; Montse Munoz; Hege G. Russnes; Aslaug Helland; Inga H. Rye; Anne-Lise Borresen-Dale; Reo Maruyama; Oudenaarden, Alexander van Oudenaarden; Mitchell Dowsett; Robin L. Jones; Jorge Reis-Filho; Pere Gascon; Mithat Goenen (2014)
(Publication id: 51812)

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