A call to Israeli academia and industry

Thanks to the generous support of the government of Israel through the Council for Higher Education, and thanks to the generous support of the Azrieli Foundation Canada-Israel,
the center opened its doors on January 1, 2019.

Human brain imaging at 7 Tesla

The Institute revolves around a state-of-the-art 7-Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine (Siemens Terra 7T 16PTX).
We hereby encourage all interested parties from Israeli academia and industry who would like to conduct research using this 7-Tesla MRI to answer this call.
At the Azrieli Institute you will be able to use the machine for either methods development using phantoms, or for structural and functional human brain imaging
(MRI, fMRI, MRS/fMRS, etc.). Users will have access to all standard imaging protocols. In order to use the facility, please submit an application package containing the following material in one PDF file:


Application for use (please start each of the entries bellow on a separate page):

  • Name, institutional affiliation, contact information, title of project, and whether or not you are applying for a subsidized use excellence grant.
  • A very brief one-paragraph narrative describing the PI's experience in MRI. If the study includes co-investigators, please describe their experience as well. Note: PIs and co-investigators are highly encouraged to first participate in the MRI Student-User course given by the Ministry of Health. Dr. Edna Furman-Haran coordinates course registration (contact Edna.Haran@weizmann.ac.il). If you have participated, please note this.
  • A brief description (two pages at most) of the intended study, with brief sections titled: A. Title; B. Introduction and hypothesis; C. Participants (characteristics and number, method of recruitment); D. Methods; E. Possible implications. If you are applying for a subsidized-use excellence grant, this section can be up to 5 pages. Also, if you are applying for this grant, the methods section must contain a clear statement on the total expected number of hours your study requires.
  • A statement that the PI or a member of the team will obtain Helsinki approval for the study, and the name of the Helsinki Committee that will provide (no need for an approved Helsinki at application stage, but one will be needed before experimentation begins). Note that once you obtain Helsinki approval from an Israeli hospital, you will also need Helsinki approval from the national committee, reachable by email at clinical.trials.devices@moh.health.gov.il

If you have any questions before applying, please direct them to Dr. Edna Furman-Haran at Edna.Haran@weizmann.ac.il

Please email complete applications to: tesla7@weizmann.ac.il. A committee at the center will review the applications for eligibility and contact the PI for coordination of use.
If you are applying for subsidized use based on excellence, applications will be considered at a committee meeting once every three months, on the last day of the month, starting January 31.



  • Regular use: The current estimated charge for using the 7 Tesla facility is 2,820 NIS per hour.
    This cost covers full use of the facility, an MR Technician provided by the center (who must be present at all times), and insurance.
  • Grants for excellent research: The center has established a scientific review committee that will further consider the applications based on excellence.
    Those applications deemed excellent will receive a grant to support their study. The grant will typically reduce the cost to about 500 NIS per hour.