Honey and Barry Sherman

Dr. Barry Sherman was a Canadian scientist, businessman and philanthropist. He received his BSc from the University of Toronto on scholarship in engineering physics, and an MSc and PhD on scholarships in astrophysics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He founded the generic pharmaceutical manufacturer Apotex in 1974 with a mission of improving access to medicines for patients worldwide. It became one of Canada’s leading generic drug companies, and provided more than $50 million in medicines to disaster zones in the last decade.

Honey and Barry Sherman were leading philanthropists in Canada, and also supported many causes in Israel. They have been supporters of the Weizmann Institute since the 1980s, where the majority of their support has been directed to research in alternative energy and biomedicine. In their memory, the foundation that bears their name continues to advance their philanthropic goals. In the last year, the Sherman Foundation has also supported postdoctoral awards for women scientists through the Weizmann Institute, and the foundation, in partnership with Apotex, has committed to supporting clinical trials on ALS in Canada.