At the core of the Weizmann Institute's endeavors is the AI Hub

The Hub is a collaborative "computational clubhouse" where students, scientists, and leading AI professionals converge. The Hub strives to naturally incorporate new methodologies within the Institute's research groups, sparking AI-driven scientific discovery.

A primary objective of the Hub is to foster a community of Fellows. These Fellows, who are engineers, programmers, and researchers with a profound understanding and expertise in key aspects of data science, machine learning, and/or AI, are passionate about utilizing their skills to further science. They can join the Weizmann Institute at any stage of their career, with or without an academic background, for periods ranging from one to three years. They become integrated into specific research lab teams while also becoming integral members of the Hub community, creating a network of excellence, and engaging in side-projects, mentorship, or supporting other Hub member-led projects.

The Hub is equally committed to organically cultivating such expertise across all scientific faculties at the Weizmann Institute. This is achieved by offering internship opportunities in the Hub to Weizmann students and other members of the scientific community. During an internship, students participate in an intensive "on-the-job" training program, which begins with a meticulously designed technical tutorial and culminates in guided development of their analysis and modeling pipelines using their lab’s data. The Hub also enlists the most skilled and knowledgeable Weizmann students and postdocs with AI or Data Science expertise to tutor interns and interact further with the Fellow community.

By working on a range of scientific challenges and coming from diverse backgrounds, the members of the AI Hub community create a unique opportunity for cross-pollination of disciplines, methodologies, and ideas. They are encouraged to take daring attempts and even to fail. However, they are also provided with the means to scale up minor successes into high-impact science.