Infrared Spectra Library

We, at the Kimmel Center, have created an online Infrared spectroscopy library using KBr pellets of around 400 standards and archaeological materials.

The individual files are suitable for incorporating directly into Omnic software, but can easily be adapted to other software formats.

You are welcome to download the library from this page free of charge. However, we ask that if you use this information in a publication, remember to acknowledge the Kimmel Center for Archaeological Science Infrared Standards Library, Weizmann Institute of Science.

Download library here


Microarchaeology (S. Weiner, 2010) - Chapter 12, revised FTIR figures

Revised figures of Chapter 12 in Microarchaeology (prepared by Stephen Weiner for the Chinese translation of Microarchaeology due to be published in 2023).

The revised FTIR figures show the peak maxima in the figures themselves, making the figures hopefully more easily used.
Please feel free to attach this pdf to your pdf of the book or print the pdf and attach it to the book. Feel free to pass this pdf on to others who have use for it.
Steve Weiner

Download the PDF here