The Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science focuses on ensuring the continuity of scientific research and collaboration being carried out in the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.
The Belfer Institute regularly endorses significant scientific events held by the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. The prestigious annual Pekeris Memorial Lectures are being held in memory of the founder of the faculty, Prof. Chaim Pekeris. The annual Pnueli Lecture is given in memory of Prof. Amir Pnueli, a world-renowned computer scientists and the winner of the AM Turing Award (1996). Each year, a distinguished computer scientist is given the honor of speaking about innovations in research in front of a large audience of students and researchers. The Belfer Institute also provides annual support for the ceremony of the Lee A. Segel Memorial Prize in Theoretical Biology.

The Institute also sponsors international conferences and workshops led by faculty members and students, as well as the purchase and maintenance of state-of-the-art research equipment and supplies.

Department of Computer Science & Applied Mathematics

Department of Mathematics


Prof. Ronen Basri's field of research is computer vision, with a particular focus on object recognition, 3D-shape reconstruction and image segmentation. He has developed segmentation methods based on multiscale numeric techniques and methods for characterizing the appearance of objects under varying lighting and from different viewing angles. These approaches have led to a variety of algorithms that could result in improved systems for security surveillance and medical imagery processing, as well as in advanced robotic visual systems. His awards and honors include the Bergman Memorial Research Grant Award, the Levinson Prize in Mathematics, the Dr. Esther Helinger award for excellence in PhD studies, and the Rothschild Prize in Computer Science by Yad Hanadiv. 
He served as Head of the Department (2016-2019), and now is the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.