An overview of molecular Biology- Adapted for young in biology

Lecturers: Dr. Dan Michael

Regulation of gene expression



A new MEIOB mutation is a recurrent cause for azoospermia and testicular meiotic arrest

Gershoni M., Hauser R., Barda S. et al., Lehavi O., Arama E., Pietrokovski S., Kleiman S. E.(2019), Human Reproduction. 34, 4, p. 666-671  |  All authors

Noncoding deletions reveal a gene that is critical for intestinal function

Oz-Levi D., Olender T., Bar-Joseph I. et al., Zhu Y., Marek-Yagel D., Barozzi I., Osterwalder M., Alkelai A., Ruzzo E. K., Han Y., Vos E. S. M., Reznik-Wolf H., Hartman C., Shamir R., Weiss B., Shapiro R., Pode-Shakked B., Tatarskyy P., Milgrom R., Schvimer M., Barshack I., Imai D. M., Coleman-Derr D., Dickel D. E., Nord A. S., Afzal V., van Bueren K. L., Barnes R. M., Black B. L., Mayhew C. N., Kuhar M. F., Pitstick A., Tekman M., Stanescu H. C., Wells J. M., Kleta R., de laat W., Goldstein D. B., Pras E., Visel A., Lancet D., Anikster Y., Pennacchio L. A.(2019),   |  All authors

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