The Crown Human Genome Center supplies experimental and computational genetic information knowledge to the academic, medical, and biotechnology communities in diagnostics, agriculture, genetic diseases, drug development, and gene therapy.

It is a vital part of the strategic infrastructure that has increased Israel’s capacity to use the vast information resulting from the worldwide Human Genome Project. With its many collaborators, the center also has been a major partner in conducting groundbreaking research to investigate the human genome.


Prof. Eran Segal heads a lab with a multi-disciplinary team of computational biologists and experimental scientists in the area of Computational and Systems biology. His research focuses on genetics, gene regulation, and nutrition Microbiome, and their effect on health and disease. His aim is to develop personalized nutrition and personalized medicine.

Prof. Segal published over 140 publications, and received several awards and honors for his work, including  received the Overton prize, awarded annually by the International Society for Bioinformatics (ICSB) to one scientist for outstanding accomplishments in computational biology, and the Michael Bruno award. He was recently elected as an EMBO member and as a member of the young Israeli academy of science.