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  • The photo-protective role of vitamin D in the microalga Emiliania huxleyi

    Authors: Eliason O., Malitsky S., Panizel I., Feldmesser E., Porat Z., Sperfeld M. & Segev E. (2024), iScience. 27, 6, 109884
  • Competitive fungal commensalism mitigates candidiasis pathology

    Authors: Sekeresova Kralova J., Donic C., Dassa B., Livyatan I., Jansen P. M., Ben-Dor S., Fidel L., Trzebanski S., Narunsky-Haziza L., Asraf O., Brenner O., Dafni H., Jona G., Boura-Halfon S., Stettner N., Segal E., Brunke S., Pilpel Y., Straussman R., Zeevi D., Bacher P., Hube B., Shlezinger N. & Jung S. (2024), Journal of Experimental Medicine. 221, 5, e20231686
  • Single-cell RNA-seq of the rare virosphere reveals the native hosts of giant viruses in the marine environment

    Authors: Fromm A., Hevroni G., Vincent F., Schatz D., Martinez-Gutierrez C. A., Aylward F. O. & Vardi A. (2024), Nature Microbiology. 9, 6, p. 1619-1629
  • Subcellular particles for characterization of host-parasite interactions

    Authors: Kozela E., Meneghetti P., Regev-Rudzki N., Torrecilhas A. C. & Porat Z. (2024), Microbes and Infection. 105314
  • Proteolytic Vesicles Derived from Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium-Infected Macrophages: Enhancing MMP-9-Mediated Invasion and EV Accumulation

    Authors: Nudelman A., Shenoy A., Allouche-Arnon H., Fisler M., Rosenhek-Goldian I., Dayan L., Abou Karam P., Porat Z., Solomonov I., Regev-Rudzki N., Bar-Shir A. & Sagi I. (2024), Biomedicines. 12, 2, 434
  • Biogenesis of extracellular vesicles from the pathogen perspective: Transkingdom strategies for delivering messages

    Authors: Rojas A. & Regev-Rudzki N. (2024), Current Opinion in Cell Biology. 88, 102366
  • Structural basis of Gabija anti-phage defence and viral immune evasion

    Authors: Antine S. P., Johnson A. G., Mooney S. E., Leavitt A., Mayer M. L., Yirmiya E., Amitai G., Sorek R. & Kranzusch P. J. (2024), Nature. 625, 7994, p. 360-365
  • The bacterial Bmt methionine synthase is involved in lag phase shortening

    Authors: Narváez-Barragán D. A., Sperfeld M. & Segev E. (2024), BioRxiv.
  • The SARM1 TIR domain produces glycocyclic ADPR molecules as minor products

    Authors: Garb J., Amitai G., Lu A., Ofir G., Brandis A., Mehlman T., Kranzusch P. J. & Sorek R. (2024), PLoS ONE. 19, 4 , e0302251
  • A systematic exploration of bacterial form I rubisco maximal carboxylation rates

    Authors: de Pins B., Greenspoon L., Bar-On Y. M., Shamshoum M., Ben-Nissan R., Milshtein E., Davidi D., Sharon I., Mueller-Cajar O., Noor E. & Milo R. (2024), EMBO Journal. 43, 14, p. 3072-3083
  • What fraction of cellular DNA turnover becomes cfDNA?

    Authors: Sender R., Noor E., Milo R. & Dor Y. (2024), eLife. 12, RP89321
  • Impact of airborne algicidal bacteria on marine phytoplankton blooms

    Authors: Lang-Yona N., Flores J. M., Nir-Zadock T. S., Nussbaum I., Koren I. & Vardi A. (2024), The ISME Journal. 18, 1, wrae016
  • Phages overcome bacterial immunity via diverse anti-defence proteins

    Authors: Yirmiya E., Leavitt A., Lu A., Ragucci A. E., Avraham C., Osterman I., Garb J., Antine S. P., Mooney S. E., Hobbs S. J., Kranzusch P. J., Amitai G. & Sorek R. (2024), Nature. 625, 7994, p. 352-359
  • Autotrophic growth of Escherichia coli is achieved by a small number of genetic changes

    Authors: Ben Nissan R., Milshtein E., Pahl V., de Pins B., Jona G., Levi D., Yung H., Nir N., Ezra D., Gleizer S., Link H., Noor E. & Milo R. (2024), eLife. 12, RP88793
  • Cell-to-cell heterogeneity drives host-virus coexistence in a bloom-forming alga

    Authors: Joffe N., Kuhlisch C., Schleyer G., Ahlers N. S., Shemi A. & Vardi A. (2024), ISME Journal. 18, 1, wrae038
  • Extracellular Vesicles: Translational Agenda Questions for Three Protozoan Parasites

    Authors: Tandoh K., Ibarra-Meneses A., Langlais D., Olivier M., Torrecilhas A., Fernandez-Prada C., Regev-Rudzki N. & Duah-Quashie N. (2024),
  • Activation of Thoeris antiviral system via SIR2 effector filament assembly

    Authors: Tamulaitiene G., Sabonis D., Sasnauskas G., Ruksenaite A., Silanskas A., Avraham C., Ofir G., Sorek R., Zaremba M. & Siksnys V. (2024), Nature. 627, 8003, p. 431-436
  • Reply to Santini et al.: Total population reports are necessary for global biomass estimation of wild mammals

    Authors: Greenspoon L., Rosenberg Y., Meiri S., Roll U., Noor E. & Milo R. (2024),
  • Algal methylated compounds shorten the lag phase of Phaeobacter inhibens bacteria

    Authors: Sperfeld M., Narváez-Barragán D. A., Malitsky S., Frydman V., Yuda L., Rocha J. & Segev E. (2024), Nature Microbiology.
  • Bacteria Contribute Exopolysaccharides to an Algal-Bacterial Joint Extracellular Matrix

    Authors: Lipsman V., Shlakhter O., Rocha J. & Segev E. (2024), npj Biofilms and Microbiomes. 10, 1, 36
  • Cryo-EM structure of the RADAR supramolecular anti-phage defense complex

    Authors: Duncan-Lowey B., Tal N., Johnson A. G., Rawson S., Mayer M. L., Doron S., Millman A., Melamed S., Fedorenko T., Kacen A., Brandis A., Mehlman T., Amitai G., Sorek R. & Kranzusch P. J. (2023), Cell. 186, 5, p. 987-998
  • Biological sources and sinks of dimethylsulfide disentangled by an induced bloom experiment and a numerical model

    Authors: Le Gland G., Masdeu-Navarro M., Galí M., Vallina S. M., Gralka M., Vincent F., Cordero O., Vardi A. & Simó R. (2023), Limnology and Oceanography. 69, 1, p. 140-157
  • A clinical evaluation of an ex vivo organ culture system to predict patient response to cancer therapy

    Authors: Golan S., Bar V., Salpeter S. J., Neev G., Creiderman G., Kedar D., Aharon S., Turovsky L., Zundelevich A., Shahar H., Shapira H., Mallel G., Stossel E., Gavert N., Straussman R., Dotan Z., Berger R., Stossel C., Golan T., Halperin S., Leibovici D., Breuer S., Rottenberg Y., Applebaum L., Hubert A., Nechushtan H., Peretz T., Zick A., Chertin B., Koulikov D., Sonnenblick A. & Rosenbaum E. (2023), Frontiers in Medicine. 10, 1221484
  • Bacterial lifestyle switch in response to algal metabolites

    Authors: Barak-Gavish N., Dassa B., Kuhlisch C., Nussbaum I., Brandis A., Rosenberg G., Avraham R. & Vardi A. (2023), eLife. 12, e84400
  • The total mass, number, and distribution of immune cells in the human body

    Authors: Sender R., Weiss Y., Navon Y., Milo I., Azulay N., Keren L., Fuchs S., Ben-Zvi D., Noor E. & Milo R. (2023), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 120, 44, e230851112
  • A conserved family of immune effectors cleaves cellular ATP upon viral infection

    Authors: Rousset F., Yirmiya E., Nesher S., Brandis A., Mehlman T., Itkin M., Malitsky S., Millman A., Melamed S. & Sorek R. (2023), Cell. 186, 17, p. 3619-3631.e13
  • The evolutionary success of regulated cell death in bacterial immunity

    Authors: Rousset F. & Sorek R. (2023), Current Opinion in Microbiology. 74, 102312
  • Algal Exudates Promote Conjugation in Marine Roseobacters

    Authors: Rapp Y. D., Yuda L., Matsliyah D., Kublanov I. & Segev E. (2023), BioRxiv.
  • Algal blooms in the ocean: hot spots for chemically mediated microbial interactions

    Authors: Kuhlisch C., Shemi A., Barak-Gavish N., Schatz D. & Vardi A. (2023), Nature Reviews Microbiology. 22, 3, p. 138-154
  • The global human day

    Authors: Fajzel W., Galbraith E. D., Barrington-Leigh C., Charmes J., Frie E., Hatton I., Le Mézo P., Milo R., Minor K., Wan X., Xia V. & Xu S. (2023), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 120, 25, e221956412
  • Guidelines for the purification and characterization of extracellular vesicles of parasites

    Authors: Fernandez-Becerra C., Xander P., Alfandari D., Dong G., Aparici-Herraiz I., Rosenhek-Goldian I., Shokouhy M., Gualdron-Lopez M., Lozano N., Cortes-Serra N., Karam P. A., Meneghetti P., Madeira R. P., Porat Z., Soares R. P., Costa A. O., Rafati S., da Silva A., Santarém N., Fernandez-Prada C., Ramirez M. I., Bernal D., Marcilla A., Pereira-Chioccola V. L., Alves L. R., Portillo H. D., Regev-Rudzki N., de Almeida I. C., Schenkman S., Olivier M. & Torrecilhas A. C. (2023), Journal of Extracellular Biology. 2, 10, e117
  • Mitochondrial-derived vesicles retain membrane potential and contain a functional ATP synthase

    Authors: Hazan R., Lintzer D., Ziv T., Das K., Goldian-Rosenheck I., Porat Z., Ben Ami H., Karniely S., Saada A., Regev-Rudzki N. & Pines O. (2023), EMBO Reports. 24, 5, e56114
  • Three phases of increasing complexity in estimating vaccine protection

    Authors: Amir O., Goldberg Y., Mandel M., Bar-On Y. M., Freedman L. S., Bodenheimer O., Huppert A. & Milo R. (2023),
  • Phylogeny and biogeography of the algal DMS-releasing enzyme in the global ocean

    Authors: Shemi A., Ben-Dor S., Rotkopf R., Dym O. & Vardi A. (2023), ISME Communications. 3, 72
  • Open science resources from the Tara Pacific expedition across coral reef and surface ocean ecosystems

    Authors: Lombard F., Bourdin G., Pesant S., Agostini S., Baudena A., Boissin E., Cassar N., Clampitt M., Conan P., Da Silva O., Dimier C., Douville E., Elineau A., Fin J., Flores J. M., Ghiglione J. F., Hume B. C., Jalabert L., John S. G., Kelly R. L., Koren I., Lin Y., Marie D., McMinds R., Mériguet Z., Metzl N., Paz-García D. A., Pedrotti M. L., Poulain J., Pujo-Pay M., Ras J., Reverdin G., Romac S., Rouan A., Röttinger E., Vardi A., Voolstra C. R., Moulin C., Iwankow G., Banaigs B., Bowler C., de Vargas C., Forcioli D., Furla P., Galand P. E., Gilson E., Reynaud S., Sunagawa S., Sullivan M. B., Thomas O. P., Troublé R., Thurber R. V., Wincker P., Zoccola D., Allemand D., Planes S., Boss E. & Gorsky G. (2023), Scientific data. 10, 1, 324
  • Spectrum of Response to Platinum and PARP Inhibitors in Germline BRCA–Associated Pancreatic Cancer in the Clinical and Preclinical Setting

    Authors: Stossel C., Raitses-Gurevich M., Atias D., Beller T., Glick Gorman Y., Halperin S., Peer E., Denroche R. E., Zhang A., Notta F., Wilson J. M., O'Kane G. M., Haimov Talmoud E., Amison N., Schvimer M., Salpeter S. J., Bar V., Zundelevich A., Tirosh I., Tal R., Dinstag G., Kinar Y., Eliezer Y., Ben-David U., Gavert N. S., Straussman R., Gallinger S. J., Berger R. & Golan T. (2023), Cancer Discovery. 13, 8, p. 1826-1843
  • High-throughput analysis of the transcriptional patterns of sexual genes in malaria

    Authors: Cruz Camacho A., Kiper E., Oren S., Zaharoni N., Nir N., Soffer N., Noy Y., Ben David B., Rivkin A., Rotkopf R., Michael D., Carvalho T. G. & Regev-Rudzki N. (2023), Parasites & vectors. 16, 14
  • The defense island repertoire of the Escherichia coli pan-genome

    Authors: Hochhauser D., Millman A. & Sorek R. (2023), PLoS Genetics. 19, 4, e1010694
  • Daily turnover of active giant virus infection during algal blooms revealed by single-cell transcriptomics

    Authors: Hevroni G., Vincent F., Ku C., Sheyn U. & Vardi A. (2023), Science advances. 9, 41, eadf7971
  • The geologic history of primary productivity

    Authors: Crockford P. W., Bar On Y. M., Ward L. M., Milo R. & Halevy I. (2023), Current Biology. 33, 21, p. 4741-4750.e5
  • Bacterial lag phase shortening is triggered by methyl groups

    Authors: Sperfeld M., Narváez-Barragán D. A., Malitsky S., Frydman V., Yuda L., Rocha J. & Segev E. (2023), BioRxiv.
  • Abundant Sulfitobacter marine bacteria protect Emiliania huxleyi algae from pathogenic bacteria

    Authors: Beiralas R., Ozer N. & Segev E. (2023), ISME Communications. 3, 100
  • Ataxia Telangiectasia Mutated Signaling Delays Skin Pigmentation upon UV Exposure by Mediating MITF Function toward DNA Repair Mode

    Authors: Elkoshi N., Parikh S., Malcov-Brog H., Parikh R., Manich P., Netti F., Maliah A., Elkoshi H., Haj M., Rippin I., Frand J., Perluk T., Haiat-Factor R., Golan T., Regev-Rudzki N., Kiper E., Brenner R., Gonen P., Dror I., Levi H., Hameiri O., Cohen-Gulkar M., Eldar-Finkelman H., Ast G., Nizri E., Ziv Y., Elkon R., Khaled M., Ebenstein Y., Shiloh Y. & Levy C. (2023), Journal of Investigative Dermatology. 143, 12, p. 2494-2506.e4
  • Virologs, viral mimicry, and virocell metabolism: the expanding scale of cellular functions encoded in the complex genomes of giant viruses

    Authors: Moniruzzaman M., Garcia M. P. E., Farzad R., Ha A. D., Jivaji A., Karki S., Sheyn U., Stanton J., Minch B., Stephens D., Hancks D. C., Rodrigues R. A., Abrahao J. S., Vardi A. & Aylward F. O. (2023), FEMS Microbiology Reviews. 47, 5, fuad053
  • The global biomass of wild mammals

    Authors: Greenspoon L., Krieger E., Sender R., Rosenberg Y., Bar-On Y. M., Moran U., Antman T., Meiri S., Roll U., Noor E. & Milo R. (2023), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS. 120, 10, e220489212
  • Viral infection switches the balance between bacterial and eukaryotic recyclers of organic matter during coccolithophore blooms

    Authors: Vincent F., Gralka M., Schleyer G., Schatz D., Cabrera-Brufau M., Kuhlisch C., Sichert A., Vidal-Melgosa S., Mayers K., Barak-Gavish N., Flores J. M., Masdeu-Navarro M., Egge J. K., Larsen A., Hehemann J., Marrasé C., Simó R., Cordero O. X. & Vardi A. (2023), Nature Communications. 14, 1, 510
  • Measuring vaccine protection when the population is mostly vaccinated

    Authors: Goldberg Y., Amir O., Mandel M., Freedman L., Bar-On Y. M., Bodenheimer O., Milo R. & Huppert A. (2023), Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. 163, p. 111-116
  • Aerobic bacteria produce nitric oxide via denitrification and promote algal population collapse

    Authors: Abada Manelis A., Beiralas R., Narvaez D., Sperfeld M., Duchin Rapp Y., Lipsman V., Yuda L., Cohen B., Carmieli R., Ben-Dor S., Rocha J., Zhang I. H., Babbin A. R. & Segev E. (2023), The ISME Journal. 17, 8, p. 1167-1183
  • Transforming parasites into their own foes: parasitic extracellular vesicles as a vaccine platform

    Authors: Alfandari D., Cadury S., Morandi M. I. & Regev-Rudzki N. (2023), Trends in Parasitology. 39, 11, p. 913-928
  • CARD-like domains mediate anti-phage defense in bacterial gasdermin systems

    Authors: Wein T., Johnson A. G., Millman A., Lange K., Yirmiya E., Hadary R., Garb J., Steinruecke F., Hill A. B., Kranzusch P. J. & Sorek R. (2023), BioRxiv.
  • Biogenesis of extracellular vesicles in protozoan parasites: The ESCRT complex in the trafficking fast lane?

    Authors: Cruz Camacho A., Alfandari D., Kozela E. & Regev-Rudzki N. (2023), PLoS Pathogens. 19, 2, e1011140
  • The global biomass and number of terrestrial arthropods

    Authors: Rosenberg Y., Bar-On Y. M., Fromm A., Ostikar M., Shoshany A., Giz O. & Milo R. (2023), Science advances. 9, 5, eabq4049
  • Viral infection in the ocean-A journey across scales

    Authors: Vincent F. & Vardi A. (2023), PLoS Biology. 21, 1, e3001966
  • Protection against Omicron BA.1/BA.2 severe disease 0-7 months after BNT162b2 booster

    Authors: Amir O., Goldberg Y., Mandel M., Bar-On Y. M., Bodenheimer O., Freedman L., Alroy-Preis S., Ash N., Huppert A. & Milo R. (2023), Communications Biology. 6, 1, 315
  • Lipid biomarkers for algal resistance to viral infection in the ocean

    Authors: Schleyer G., Kuhlisch C., Ziv C., Ben-Dorb S., Malitsky S., Schatz D. & Vardi A. (2023), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 120, 27, e221712112
  • Discovery of phage determinants that confer sensitivity to bacterial immune systems

    Authors: Stokar-Avihail A., Fedorenko T., Hör J., Garb J., Leavitt A., Millman A., Shulman G., Wojtania N., Melamed S., Amitai G. & Sorek R. (2023), Cell. 186, 9, p. 1863-1876.e16
  • Strong chemotaxis by marine bacteria towards polysaccharides is enhanced by the abundant organosulfur compound DMSP

    Authors: Clerc E. E., Raina J. B., Keegstra J. M., Landry Z., Pontrelli S., Alcolombri U., Lambert B. S., Anelli V., Vincent F., Masdeu-Navarro M., Sichert A., De Schaetzen F., Sauer U., Simó R., Hehemann J. H., Vardi A., Seymour J. R. & Stocker R. (2023), Nature Communications. 14, 8080
  • Initial protection against SARS-CoV-2 omicron lineage infection in children and adolescents by BNT162b2 in Israel: an observational study

    Authors: Amir O., Goldberg Y., Mandel M., Bar-On Y. M., Bodenheimer O., Freedman L., Ash N., Alroy-Preis S., Huppert A. & Milo R. (2023), The Lancet Infectious Diseases. 23, 1, p. 67-73
  • Bacteria deplete deoxynucleotides to defend against bacteriophage infection

    Authors: Tal N., Millman A., Stokar Avihail A., Fedorenko T., Leavitt A., Melamed S., Yirmiya E., Avraham C., Brandis A., Mehlman T., Amitai G. & Sorek R. (2022), Nature Microbiology. 7, 8, p. 1200-1209
  • Terrestrial and marine influence on atmospheric bacterial diversity over the north Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

    Authors: Lang-Yona N., Flores J. M., Haviv R., Alberti A., Poulain J., Belser C., Trainic M., Gat D., Ruscheweyh H., Wincker P., Sunagawa S., Rudich Y., Koren I. & Vardi A. (2022), Communications Earth and Environment. 3, 1, 121
  • Cancer microbiome

    Authors: Zitvogel L., Straussman R., Sepich-Poore G. D., Knight R., Iliev I. D., Sears C. L., Bullman S., Jobin C. & Zarour H. M. (2022),
  • Diffraction contrast in cryo-scanning transmission electron tomography reveals the boundary of hemozoin crystals in situ

    Authors: Mullick D., Rechav K., Leiserowitz L., Regev-Rudzki N., Dzikowski R. & Elbaum M. (2022), Faraday Discussions. 240, p. 127-141
  • Sialylated N‐glycans mediate monocyte uptake of extracellular vesicles secreted from Plasmodium falciparum‐infected red blood cells

    Authors: Ben Ami Pilo H., Khan Khilji S., Lühle J., Biskup K., Levy Gal B., Rosenhek Goldian I., Alfandari D., Revach O., Kiper E., Morandi M. I., Rotkopf R., Porat Z., Blanchard V., Seeberger P. H., Regev‐Rudzki N. & Moscovitz O. (2022), Journal of Extracellular Biology. 1, 2, e33
  • Protection by a Fourth Dose of BNT162b2 against Omicron in Israel

    Authors: Bar‐On Y. M., Goldberg Y., Mandel M., Bodenheimer O., Amir O., Freedman L., Alroy-Preis S., Ash N., Huppert A. & Milo R. (2022), The New England journal of medicine. 386, 18, p. 1712-1720
  • The DarTG toxin-antitoxin system provides phage defence by ADP-ribosylating viral DNA

    Authors: LeRoux M., Srikant S., Teodoro G. I., Zhang T., Littlehale M. L., Doron S., Badiee M., Leung A. K., Sorek R. & Laub M. T. (2022), Nature Microbiology. 7, 7, p. 1028-1040
  • An expanded arsenal of immune systems that protect bacteria from phages

    Authors: Millman A., Melamed S., Leavitt A., Doron S., Bernheim A., Hör J., Garb J., Bechon N., Brandis A., Lopatina A., Ofir G., Hochhauser D., Stokar-Avihail A., Tal N., Sharir S., Voichek M., Erez Z., Ferrer J. L. M., Dar D., Kacen A., Amitai G. & Sorek R. (2022), Cell Host and Microbe. 30, 11, p. 1556-1569e5
  • eQuilibrator 3.0: a database solution for thermodynamic constant estimation

    Authors: Beber M. E., Gollub M. G., Mozaffari D., Shebek K. M., Flamholz A., Milo R. & Noor E. (2022), Nucleic Acids Research. 50, D1, p. D603-D609
  • An Ocean of Signals: Intracellular and Extracellular Signaling in Diatoms

    Authors: Graff van Creveld S., Mizrachi A. & Vardi A. (2022), The Molecular Life of Diatoms. p. 641-678
  • Protection and Waning of Natural and Hybrid Immunity to SARS-CoV-2

    Authors: Goldberg Y., Mandel M., Bar-On Y. M., Bodenheimer O., Freedman L. S., Ash N., Alroy-Preis S., Huppert A. & Milo R. (2022), New England Journal of Medicine. 386, 23, p. 2201-2212
  • A quantitative database of human impacts on Planet Earth

    Authors: Chure G., Banks R. A., Flamholz A. I., Sarai N. S., Kamb M., Lopez-Gomez I., Bar-On Y., Milo R. & Phillips R. (2022), Patterns. 100552
  • Malaria parasites release vesicle subpopulations with signatures of different destinations

    Authors: Abou Karam P., Goldian-Rosenheck I., Ziv T., Ben Ami H., Azuri I., Rivkin A., Kiper E., Rotkopf R., Cohen S. R., Torrecilhas A. C., Avinoam O., Rojas A., Morandi M. & Regev-Rudzki N. (2022), EMBO Reports. 23, 7, e54755
  • Coccolith Sr/Ca is a robust temperature and growth rate indicator that withstands dynamic microbial interactions

    Authors: Eliason O. & Segev E. (2022), Geobiology. 20, 3
  • Extracellular vesicle fusion visualized by cryo-electron microscopy

    Authors: Morandi M., Busko P., Ozer Partuk E., Khan S., Zarfati G., Elbaz-Alon Y., Abou Karam P., Napso Shogan T., Ginini L., Regev-Rudzki N. & Avinoam O. (2022), PNAS Nexus. 1, 4, p. 1-11, pgac156
  • Ex vivo organotypic cultures for synergistic therapy prioritization identify patient-specific responses to combined MEK and Src inhibition in colorectal cancer

    Authors: Gavert N., Zwang Y., Weiser R., Greenberg O., Halperin S., Jacobi O., Mallel G., Sandler O., Berger A. J., Stossel E., Rotin D., Grinshpun A., Kamer I., Barzs J., Pines G., Saidian D., Bar I., Golan S., Rosenbaum E., Nadu A., Ben-Ami E., Weitzen R., Nechushtan H., Golanz T., Brenner B., Nissan A., Margalitzs O., Hershkovitz D., Lahat G. & Straussman R. (2022), Nature Cancer. 3, 2, p. 219-231
  • Bacterial gasdermins reveal an ancient mechanism of cell death

    Authors: Johnson A. G., Wein T., Mayer M. L., Duncan-Lowey B., Yirmiya E., Oppenheimer-Shaanan Y., Amitai G., Sorek R. & Kranzusch P. J. (2022), Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science). 375, 6577, p. 221-225
  • Compartmentalization of the host microbiome: how tumor microbiota shapes checkpoint immunotherapy outcome and offers therapeutic prospects

    Authors: Boesch M., Horvath L., Baty F., Pircher A., Wolf D., Spahn S., Straussman R., Tilg H. & Brutsche M. H. (2022), Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer. 10, e005401
  • Pan-cancer analyses reveal cancer-type-specific fungal ecologies and bacteriome interactions

    Authors: Narunsky-Haziza L., Sepich-Poore G. D., Livyatan I., Asraf O., Martino C., Nejman D., Gavert N., Stajich J. E., Amit G., González A., Wandro S., Perry G., Ariel R., Meltser A., Shaffer J. P., Zhu Q., Balint-Lahat N., Barshack I., Dadiani M., Gal-Yam E. N., Patel S. P., Bashan A., Swafford A. D., Pilpel Y., Knight R. & Straussman R. (2022), Cell. 185, 20, p. 3789-3806
  • Short prokaryotic Argonautes provide defence against incoming mobile genetic elements through NAD(+) depletion

    Authors: Zaremba M., Dakineviciene D., Golovinas E., Zagorskaite E., Stankunas E., Lopatina A., Sorek R., Manakova E., Ruksenaite A., Silanskas A., Asmontas S., Grybauskas A., Tylenyte U., Jurgelaitis E., Grigaitis R., Timinskas K., Venclovas C. & Siksnys V. (2022), Nature Microbiology. 7, 11, p. 1857-1869
  • Utilization of diverse organophosphorus pollutants by marine bacteria

    Authors: Despotovic D., Aharon E., Trofimyuk O., Dubovetskyi A., Cherukuri K. P., Ashani Y., Eliason O., Sperfeld M., Leader H., Castelli A., Fumagalli L., Savidor A., Levin Y., Longo L., Segev E. & Tawfik D. (2022), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 119, 32, e220360411
  • Omicron infection enhances Delta antibody immunity in vaccinated persons

    Authors: Khan K., Karim F., Cele S., Rosenberg Y. & Milo R. (2022), Nature. 607, 7918, p. 356-359
  • Genetically Engineered MRI-Trackable Extracellular Vesicles as SARS-CoV-2 Mimetics for Mapping ACE2 Binding in Vivo

    Authors: Galisova A., Zahradnik J., Allouche-Arnon H., Morandi M. I., Abou Karam P., Fisler M., Avinoam O., Regev-Rudzki N., Schreiber G. & Bar-Shir A. (2022), ACS Nano. 16, 8, p. 12276-12289
  • SnapShot: Bacterial immunity

    Authors: Tal N. & Sorek R. (2022),
  • The unmitigated profile of COVID-19 infectiousness

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