Winners of 2020 Azrieli Systems Biology Innovative Award

  • Adaptation through regulation-an in-vivo evolution approach
    Vijay Jayaraman (Tawfik Lab) & Felix Jonas (Barkai Lab)
  • Can we harness the natural adaptation to fight Alzheimer's disease?
    Aleksandra Deczkowska (Amit lab) & Idan Milo (Leeat Keren lab)
  • Evolutionary dynamics in the premature infant microbiome
    Smadar Shilo, Ayya Keshet (Segal lab) & Ilana Livyatan (Straussman lab)
  • Histone Exchange Mechanisms of Epigenetic Regulation
    Marko Dunjic (Stelzer lab) & Felix Jonas (Barkai lab) & Gilad Yaakov (Barkai lab)
  • Liver adaptation to urban environment and impact on drug metabolism capability in wild brown rats
    Rita Manco (Itzkovitz lab) & Stefano Suzzi (Schwartz lab)
  • Specificity of host shut-off mechanisms mediated by SARS-CoV-2 proteins
    Avi Gluck (Stern-Ginossar lab), Yoav Lubelsky & Binyamin Zuckerman (Ulitsky lab)
  • Deciphering the role of codon usage- tRNA adaptation during viral infection
    Yaara Finkel (Stern-Ginossar lab) & Noa Hefetz (Pilpel lab)
  • Elucidating the role of prophages in the lifestyle switch of marine bacteria during interaction with an algal host
    Noa Barak (Vardi lab) & Tanita Wein (Sorek Lab)
  • High resolution method for measuring transcription factors co-binding
    Sagie Brodsky (Barkai lab) & Offir Lupo (Barkai lab) & Maya Ron (Ulitsky lab)
  • How does proteasomal-mediated degradation adapt to amino acids starvation?
    Daoud Sheban (Merbl lab) & Dvir Schirman (Pilpel lab)
  • How RBPs achieve target specificity and drive an adaptive cellular response?
    Inbal Zigdon (Barkai lab) & Sagie Brodsky (Barkai lab) & Micha Goldrich (Ulitsky lab)
  • Hypoxia – the survival of the fittest?
    Ruthie Golomb (Pilpel lab) & Bjort Kragesteen (Amit lab) & Fadi Sheban (Amit lab)
  • Is ignoring starvation cues a key adaptation for autotrophic growth?
    Eliya Milshtein (Milo lab) & Anat Bren (Alon lab)
  • Learning how to fix carbon: emergence of carboxylating RuBisCO
    Jagoda Jablonska (Tawfik lab) & Benoit de Pins (Milo lab)
  • Mapping adaption mechanisms of transcription factor duplications
    Tamar Gera (Barkai lab) & Noam Hadary (Tirosh lab) & Michal Chapal (Barkai lab)
  • Mycorrhizae, the underground carbon liaison?
    Rotem Cahanovitc (Klein lab) & Roee Bennissan (Milo lab)
  • Systematic characterization of the RNA modification landscape in virus–host systems
    Anna Lilja (Stern-Ginossar lab) & Anna Uzonyi (Schwartz lab)
  • The role of intrinsically disordered regions in TF-target binding
    Tamar Jana (Barkai lab) & Sagie Brodsky (Barkai lab) & Gabriel Rosenblum (Hoffman lab)