We are pleased to announce the 6th round of Azrieli Systems Biology Innovative student Award series.


This year's (2020) theme is: Adaptation: from physiology to genetics and evolution

Themes in previous years:
Innovative use of high-throughput sequencing
Heterogeneity in biology
Use of modern systems biology approaches for studying classical problems
Crossing scientific domains
Led by serendipity: innovative follow-up on unexpected observation


Teams of 2-3 people (consisting of anyone who is not a PI) from two different labs each, are encouraged to form a collaboration and to propose a new research project.


Send your 200 words abstract and a lecture presentation titled "Abstract for Systems Biology grant” via email to ruth.towers@weizmann.ac.il
Dead line: November 3, 2020.

The abstract and the presentation should be structured as follows:

What is the biological question (including some background)?

Why is it potentially interesting?

Why do you plan to study this? – provide the large idea and necessary details

What is the expected outcome? Significance?

e-conference presentation

e-conference will take place on zoom on November 4-5, 2020. You will be asked to make a 3-minutes oral presentation.

All proposals will be ranked by all participants and the PIs.


An award of $ 5,000-10,000 will be allocated to each selected project.

Looking forward to your innovative and exciting ideas!

Tzachi Pilpel