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Biomarkers in the blood


A new MEIOB mutation is a recurrent cause for azoospermia and testicular meiotic arrest

Gershoni M., Hauser R., Barda S. et al., Lehavi O., Arama E., Pietrokovski S., Kleiman S. E.(2019), Human Reproduction. 34, 4, p. 666-671  |  All authors

Deterministic Somatic Cell Reprogramming Involves Continuous Transcriptional Changes Governed by Myc and Epigenetic-Driven Modules

Zviran A., Mor N., Rais Y. et al., Gingold H., Peles S., Chomsky E., Viukov S., Buenrostro J. D., Scognamiglio R., Weinberger L., Manor Y. S., Krupalnik V., Zerbib M., Hezroni H., Jaitin D. A., Larastiaso D., Gilad S., Benjamin S., Gafni O., Mousa A., Ayyash M., Sheban D., Bayerl J., Aguilera-Castrejon A., Massarwa R., Maza I., Hanna S., Stelzer Y., Ulitsky I., Greenleaf W. J., Tanay A., Trumpp A., Amit I., Pilpel Y., Novershtern N., Hanna J. H.(2019), Cell Stem Cell. 24, 2, p. 328-341.e9  |  All authors

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