The Kekst Family institute for Medical Genetics supports the work of Weizmann Institute scientists who are performing basic research related to the gene-driven dynamics that influence human health and disease. Emphasizing investigations that have the potential to generate a strong and positive impact on clinical treatment, the Kekst Family Institute for Medical Genetics represents the Weizmann Institute’s highest ideals of science in the service of humanity.


Prof. Elson studies how cell signaling, the processes by which information is transferred between cells and within cells, affects the function of the bone system. His studies focus primarily on osteoclasts, the cells that degrade bone. This topic is highly relevant to the basic biology of bone during normal health and development, as well as in major diseases such as Osteoporosis, Osteopetrosis, and Cancer-related bone loss. Prof. Elson studies how various classes of molecules, including protein tyrosine kinases and phosphatases, regulate osteoclast structure and function, and what the consequences of disrupting these molecules are in the bone system.

Prof. Elson’s awards and honors include the Alon Fellowship from the Israel Council for Higher Education, the Hestrin Prize from the Israel Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and the Lord David Alliance Award.