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  • MR spectroscopic imaging at 3 T and outcomes in surgical epilepsy

    Authors: Pan J. W., Antony A., Tal A., Yushmanov V., Fong J., Richardson M., Schirda C., Bagic A., Gonen O. & Hetherington H. P. (2021), NMR in Biomedicine. 4492
  • Identification of variable stages in murine pancreatic tumors by a multiparametric approach employing hyperpolarized 13C MRSI, 1H diffusivity and 1H T1 MRI

    Authors: Martinho R. P., Bao Q., Markovic S., Preise D., Sasson K., Agemy L., Scherz A. & Frydman L. (2021), NMR in Biomedicine. 34, 2, 4446
  • Substrate binding in the multidrug transporter MdfA in detergent solution and in lipid nanodiscs

    Authors: Bahrenberg T., Yardeni E. H., Feintuch A., Bibi E. & Goldfarb D. (2021), Biophysical Journal. 120, 10, p. 1984-1993
  • Proof of concept for real-time detection of SARS CoV-2 infection with an electronic nose

    Authors: Snitz K., Andelman-Gur M., Pinchover L., Weissgross R., Weissbrod A., Mishor E., Zoller R., Linetsky V., Medhanie A., Shushan S., Jaffe E. & Sobel N. (2021), PLoS ONE. 16, 6, e0252121
  • Odor Canopy: A Method for Comfortable Odorant Delivery in MRI

    Authors: Gorodisky L., Livne E., Weiss T., Weissbrod A., Weissgross R., Mishor E., Furman-Haran E. & Sobel N. (2021), Chemical Senses. bjaa085
  • Diffusion Is Directional: Innovative Diffusion Tensor Imaging to Improve Prostate Cancer Detection

    Authors: Shenhar C., Degani H., Ber Y., Baniel J., Tamir S., Benjaminov O., Rosen P., Furman-Haran E. & Margel D. (2021), Diagnostics (Basel). 11, 3, 563
  • Characteristics of Gd(III) spin labels for the study of protein conformations

    Authors: Giannoulis A., Ben Ishay Y. & Goldfarb D. (2021), Methods in Enzymology.
  • Structure and Functionality of an Alkylated LixSiyOz Interphase for High-Energy Cathodes from DNP-ssNMR Spectroscopy

    Authors: Haber S., Rosy, Saha A., Brontvein O., Carmieli R., Zohar A., Noked M. & Leskes M. (2021), Journal of the American Chemical Society. 143, 12, p. 4694-4704
  • Single-spin resonance in a van der Waals embedded paramagnetic defect

    Authors: Chejanovsky N., Mukherjee A., Geng J., Chen Y., Kim Y., Denisenko A., Finkler A., Taniguchi T., Watanabe K., Dasari D. B. R., Auburger P., Gali A., Smet J. H. & Wrachtrup J. (2021), Nature Materials.
  • Steady-State Free Precession and Solid-State NMR: How, When, and Why

    Authors: Wolf T., Jaroszewicz M. J. & Frydman L. (2021), The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 125, 2, p. 1544-1556
  • The surprising role of the default mode network in naturalistic perception

    Authors: Brandman T., Malach R. & Simony E. (2021), Communications Biology. 4, 1, 79
  • Efficient maternal to neonatal transfer of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 and BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccine

    Authors: Beharier O., Plitman Mayo R., Raz T., Nahum Sacks K., Schreiber L., Suissa-Cohen Y., Chen R., Gomez-Tolub R., Hadar E., Gabbay-Benziv R., Jaffe Moshkovich Y., Biron-Shental T., Shechter-Maor G., Farladansky-Gershnabel S., Yitzhak Sela H., Benyamini-Raischer H., Sela N. D., Goldman-Wohl D., Shulman Z., Many A., Barr H., Yagel S., Neeman M. & Kovo M. (2021), The Journal of Clinical Investigation.
  • Oxygen Vacancy Distribution in Yttrium-Doped Ceria from 89Y–89Y Correlations via Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Solid-State NMR

    Authors: Jardón-Álvarez D., Kahn N., Houben L. & Leskes M. (2021), Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 12, 11, p. 2964-2969
  • Glyconanofluorides as Immunotracers with a Tunable Core Composition for Sensitive Hotspot Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Inflammatory Activity

    Authors: Cohen D., Mashiach R., Houben L., Galisova A., Addadi Y., Kain D., Lubart A., Blinder P., Allouche-Arnon H. & Bar-Shir A. (2021), ACS Nano. 15, 4, p. 7563-7574
  • Face-Selective Units in Human Ventral Temporal Cortex Reactivate during Free Recall

    Authors: Khuvis S., Yeagle E. M., Norman Y., Grossman S., Malach R. & Mehta A. D. (2021), The Journal of Neuroscience. 41, 15, p. 3386-3399
  • Resting-State Fluctuations Underlie Free and Creative Verbal Behaviors in the Human Brain

    Authors: Broday-Dvir R. & Malach R. (2021), Cerebral cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991). 31, 1, p. 213-232
  • Single fluorinated agent for multiplexed 19F-MRI with micromolar detectability based on dynamic exchange

    Authors: Shusterman-Krush R., Tirukoti N. D., Bandela A. K., Avram L., Allouche-Arnon H., Cai X., Gibb B. C. & Bar-Shir A. (2021), Angewandte Chemie (International ed.).
  • The Incorporation of Labile Protons into Multidimensional NMR Analyses: Glycan Structures Revisited

    Authors: Novakovic M., Battistel M. D., Azurmendi H. F., Concilio M., Freedberg D. I. & Frydman L. (2021), Journal of the American Chemical Society. 143, 23, p. 8935-8948
  • The decay of the refocused Hahn echo in double electron–electron resonance (DEER) experiments

    Authors: Bahrenberg T., Jahn S. M., Feintuch A., Stoll S. & Goldfarb D. (2021), Magnetic Resonance. 2, p. 161-173
  • Cell-Free Synthesis of Selenoproteins in High Yield and Purity for Selective Protein Tagging

    Authors: Welegedara A. P., Maleckis A., Bandara R., Mahawaththa M. C., Dilhani Herath I., Jiun Tan Y., Giannoulis A., Goldfarb D., Otting G. & Huber T. (2021), ChemBioChem. 22
  • Hsp40s play complementary roles in the prevention of tau amyloid formation

    Authors: Irwin R., Faust O., Petrovic I., Wolf S. G., Hofmann H. & Rosenzweig R. (2021), eLife. 10, e69601
  • Reducing SAR in 7T brain fMRI by circumventing fat suppression while removing the lipid signal through a parallel acquisition approach

    Authors: Seginer A., Furman-Haran E., Goldberg I. & Schmidt R. (2021), Scientific Reports. 11, 15371
  • Tetramerization of Phosphoprotein Is Essential for Respiratory Syncytial Virus Budding while Its N-Terminal Region Mediates Direct Interactions with the Matrix Protein

    Authors: Bajorek M., Galloux M., Richard C., Szekely O., Rosenzweig R., Sizun C. & Eleouet J. (2021), Journal of Virology. 95, 7, e02217-20
  • Quantum Sensing and Control of Spin-State Dynamics in the Radical-Pair Mechanism

    Authors: Finkler A. & Dasari D. (2021), Physical Review Applied. 15, 3, 034066
  • High-field solution state DNP using cross-correlations

    Authors: Concilio M. G., Soundararajan M., Frydman L. & Kuprov I. (2021), Journal of magnetic resonance (1997). 326, 106940
  • Versatile non-luminescent color palette based on guest exchange dynamics in paramagnetic cavitands

    Authors: Goren E., Avram L. & Bar-Shir A. (2021), Nature Communications. 12, 1, 3072
  • Simultaneous multi-banding and multi-echo phase encoding for the accelerated acquisition of high-resolution volumetric diffusivity maps by spatiotemporally encoded MRI

    Authors: Ma L., Otikovs M., Cousin S. F., Liberman G., Bao Q. & Frydman L. (2021), Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 79, p. 130-139
  • Elucidating dissociation activation energies in host-guest assemblies featuring fast exchange dynamics

    Authors: Shusterman-Krush R., Grimm L., Avram L., Biedermann F. & Bar-Shir A. (2021), Chemical Science. 12, 3, p. 865-871
  • Time- and Site-Resolved Kinetic NMR: Real-Time Monitoring of Off-Equilibrium Chemical Dynamics by 2D Spectrotemporal Correlations

    Authors: Jaroszewicz M. J., Liu M., Kim J., Zhang G., Kim Y., Hilty C. & Frydman L. (2021),
  • Ultrafast 2D 1H-1H NMR spectroscopy of DNP-hyperpolarised substrates for the analysis of mixtures

    Authors: Singh K., Jacquemmoz C., Giraudeau P., Frydman L. & Dumez J. (2021), Chemical Communications (Cambridge, England). 57, 65, p. 8035-8038
  • α-Synuclein plasma membrane localization correlates with cellular phosphatidylinositol polyphosphate levels.

    Authors: Jacob R. S., Eichmann C., Dema A., Mercadante D. & Selenko P. (2021), eLife. 10, 61951
  • Structural basis for UFM1 transfer from UBA5 to UFC1

    Authors: Kumar M., Padala P., Fahoum J., Hassouna F., Tsaban T., Zoltsman G., Banerjee S., Cohen-Kfir E., Dessau M., Rosenzweig R., Isupov M. N., Schueler-Furman O. & Wiener R. (2021), Nature Communications. 12, p. -, 5708
  • In situ NMR reveals real-time nanocrystal growth evolution via monomer-attachment or particle-coalescence

    Authors: Mashiach R., Weissman H., Avram L., Houben L., Brontvein O., Lavie A., Arunachalam V., Leskes M., Rybtchinski B. & Bar-Shir A. (2021), Nature Communications. 12, 1, 229
  • 3D Heteronuclear Magnetization Transfers for the Establishment of Secondary Structures in SARS-CoV-2-Derived RNAs

    Authors: Kim J., Novakovic M., Jayanthi S., Lupulescu A., Kupce E., Grün J. T., Mertinkus K., Oxenfarth A., Richter C., Schnieders R., Wirmer-Bartoschek J., Schwalbe H. & Frydman L. (2021),
  • Deuterium Magnetic Resonance Imaging and the Discrimination of Fetoplacental Metabolism in Normal and L-NAME-Induced Preeclamptic Mice

    Authors: Markovic S., Roussel T., Neeman M. & Frydman L. (2021), Metabolites. 11, 6, 376
  • Fast Ion-Chelate Dissociation Rate for In Vivo MRI of Labile Zinc with Frequency-Specific Encodability

    Authors: Tirukoti N., Avram L., Haris T., Lerner B., Diskin Posner Y., Allouche-Arnon H. & Bar-Shir A. (2021), Journal of the American Chemical Society.
  • Hippocampal ripples and their coordinated dialogue with the default mode network during recent and remote recollection

    Authors: Norman Y., Raccah O., Liu S., Parvizi J. & Malach R. (2021), Neuron. 109, 17, p. 1-14
  • How do the blind 'see'? The role of spontaneous brain activity in self-generated perception

    Authors: Hahamy A., Wilf M., Rosin B., Behrmann M. & Malach R. (2021), Brain : a journal of neurology. 144, 1, p. 340-353
  • Deuterium MRSI characterizations of glucose metabolism in orthotopic pancreatic cancer mouse models

    Authors: Markovic S., Roussel T., Agemy L., Sasson K., Preise D., Scherz A. & Frydman L. (2021), NMR in Biomedicine. e4569
  • Fast, regional three-dimensional hybrid (1D-Hadamard 2D-rosette) proton MR spectroscopic imaging in the human temporal lobes

    Authors: Tal A., Zhao T., Schirda C., Hetherington H. P., Pan J. W. & Gonen O. (2021), NMR in Biomedicine. e4507
  • Magnetization Transfer to Enhance NOE Cross‐Peaks among Labile Protons: Applications to imino-imino sequential walks in COVID-derived RNAs

    Authors: Novakovic M., Kupce E., Scherf T., Oxenfarth A., Schnieders R., Grün T., Wirmer-Bartoschek J., Richter C., Schwalbe H. & Frydman L. (2021), Angewandte Chemie (International Edition). 60, 21, p. 11884-11891
  • Endogenous Dynamic Nuclear Polarization for Sensitivity Enhancement in Solid State NMR of Electrode Materials

    Authors: Harchol A., Reuveni G., Ri V., Thomas B., Carmieli R., Herber R. H., Kim C. & Leskes M. (2020), Journal of Physical Chemistry C. 124, 13, p. 7082-7090
  • Bimodal magnetic resonance and optical imaging of extracellular matrix remodelling by orthotopic ovarian tumours

    Authors: Bochner F., Fellus-Alyagor L., Ketter D., Golani O., Biton I. & Neeman M. (2020), British Journal of Cancer. 2, p. 216-225
  • High-Resolution 3D in vivo Brain Diffusion Tensor Imaging at Ultrahigh Fields: Following Maturation on Juvenile and Adult Mice

    Authors: Yon M., Bao Q., Chitrit O. J., Henriques R. N., Shemesh N. & Frydman L. (2020), Frontiers in Neuroscience. 14, 590900
  • Improving MRI's slice selectivity in the presence of strong, metal-derived inhomogeneities

    Authors: Farkash G., Liberman G., Martinho R. P. & Frydman L. (2020), Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 69, p. 71-80
  • Prestimulus Activity in the Cingulo-Opercular Network Predicts Memory for Naturalistic Episodic Experience

    Authors: Cohen N., Ben-Yakov A., Weber J., Edelson M. G., Paz R. & Dudai Y. (2020), Cerebral Cortex. 30, 3, p. 1902-1913
  • Local Targeted Memory Reactivation in Human Sleep

    Authors: Bar E., Marmelshtein A., Arzi A., Perl O., Livne E., Hizmi E., Paz R., Sobel N., Dudai Y. & Nir Y. (2020), Current Biology. 30, 8, p. 1435-1446
  • An Efficient, Robust New Scheme for Establishing Broadband Homonuclear Correlations in Biomolecular Solid State NMR

    Authors: Wi S. & Frydman L. (2020), ChemPhysChem. 21, 4, p. 284-294
  • A 300-fold enhancement of imino nucleic acid resonances by hyperpolarized water provides a new window for probing RNA refolding by 1D and 2D NMR

    Authors: Novakovic M., Olsen G. L., Pinter G., Hymon D., Fuertig B., Schwalbe H. & Frydman L. (2020), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 117, 5, p. 2449-2455
  • Alkylated LixSiyOz Coating for Stabilization of Li-rich Layered Oxide Cathodes

    Authors: Rosy, Haber S., Evenstein E., Saha A., Brontvein O., Kratish Y., Bravo‐Zhivotovskii D., Apeloig Y., Leskes M. & Noked M. (2020), Energy Storage Materials. 33, p. 268-275
  • Structural and Biochemical Properties of Hsp40/Hsp70 Chaperone System

    Authors: Faust O. & Rosenzweig R. (2020),
  • Sensitivity enhancement of homonuclear multidimensional NMR correlations for labile sites in proteins, polysaccharides, and nucleic acids

    Authors: Novakovic M., Kupče Ē., Oxenfarth A., Battistel M. D., Freedberg D. I., Schwalbe H. & Frydman L. (2020), Nature Communications. 11, 1, 5317
  • Study of electron spectral diffusion process under DNP conditions by ELDOR spectroscopy focusing on the 14N solid effect

    Authors: Ramirez Cohen M., Feintuch A., Goldfarb D. & Vega S. (2020), Magnetic Resonance. 1, 1, p. 45-57
  • An NMR-Based Biosensor to Measure Stereospecific Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase Activities in Vitro and in Vivo

    Authors: Sánchez-López C., Labadie N., Lombardo V. A., Biglione F. A., Manta B., Jacob R. S., Gladyshev V. N., Abdelilah-Seyfried S., Selenko P. & Binolfi A. (2020), Chemistry - A European Journal. 26, 65, p. 14838-14843
  • In-cell destabilization of a homodimeric protein complex detected by DEER spectroscopy

    Authors: Yang Y., Chen S., Yang F., Li X., Feintuch A., Su X. & Goldfarb D. (2020), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 117, 34, p. 20566-20575
  • Enabling Natural Abundance O-17 Solid-State NMR by Direct Polarization from Paramagnetic Metal Ions

    Authors: Jardon-Alvarez D., Reuveni G., Harchol A. & Leskes M. (2020), Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 11, 14, p. 5439-5445
  • High-resolution diffusion MRI studies of development in pregnant mice visualized by novel spatiotemporal encoding schemes

    Authors: Bao Q., Liberman G., Solomon E. & Frydman L. (2020), NMR in Biomedicine. 33, 3, e4208
  • Effect of IV Administration of a Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agent on Breast Diffusion-Tensor Imaging

    Authors: Scaranelo A. M., Degani H., Grobgeld D., Talbot N., Bodolai K. & Furman-Haran E. (2020), American Journal of Roentgenology. 215, 4, p. 1030-1036
  • In-Cell Trityl-Trityl Distance Measurements on Proteins

    Authors: Yang Y., Pan B., Tan X., Yang F., Liu Y., Su X. & Goldfarb D. (2020), Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 11, 3, p. 1141-1147
  • Altered conformational sampling along an evolutionary trajectory changes the catalytic activity of an enzyme

    Authors: Kaczmarski J. A., Mahawaththa M. C., Feintuch A., Clifton B. E., Adams L. A., Goldfarb D., Otting G. & Jackson C. J. (2020), Nature Communications. 11, 1, 5945
  • Diffusion-weighted breast MRI of malignancies with submillimeter resolution and immunity to artifacts by spatiotemporal encoding at 3T

    Authors: Solomon E., Liberman G., Nissan N., Furman-Haran E., Sklair-Levy M. & Frydman L. (2020), Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 84, 3, p. 1391-1403
  • Spin-Phonon Interfaces in Coupled Nanomechanical Cantilevers

    Authors: Oeckinghaus T., Momenzadeh S. A., Scheiger P., Shalomayeya T., Finkler A., Dasari D., Stoehr R. & Wrachtrup J. (2020), Nano Letters. 20, 1, p. 463-469
  • Multiparametric classification of sub-acute ischemic stroke recovery with ultrafast diffusion, 23Na, and MPIO-labeled stem cell MRI at 21.1 T

    Authors: Leftin A., Rosenberg J. T., Yuan X., Ma T., Grant S. C. & Frydman L. (2020), NMR in Biomedicine. 33, 2, e4186
  • Diffusivity in breast malignancies analyzed for b > 1000 s/mm 2 at 1 mm in‐plane resolutions: Insight from Gaussian and non‐Gaussian behaviors

    Authors: Otikovs M., Nissan N., Furman‐Haran E., Anaby D., Allweis T. M., Agassi R., Sklair‐Levy M. & Frydman L. (2020), Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
  • Allovalency observed by transferred‐NOE: Interactions of sulfated tyrosine residues in the N‐terminal segment of CCR5 with the CCL5 chemokine

    Authors: Kessler N., Akabayov S. R., Moseri A., Cohen L. S., Sakhapov D., Bolton D., Fridman B., Kay L. E., Naider F. & Anglister J. (2020), The FEBS journal. 5, p. 1648-1663
  • Are humans constantly but subconsciously smelling themselves?

    Authors: Perl O., Mishor E., Ravia A., Ravreby I. & Sobel N. (2020), Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. 375, 1800, 20190372
  • HSP40 proteins use class-specific regulation to drive HSP70 functional diversity

    Authors: Faust O., Abayev-Avraham M., Wentink A. S., Maurer M., Nillegoda N. B., London N., Bukau B. & Rosenzweig R. (2020), Nature. 587, 7834, p. 489-494
  • Optimal echo times for multi-gradient echo-based B-0 field-mapping

    Authors: Geiger Y. & Tal A. (2020), NMR in Biomedicine. 33, 7, e4316
  • Intravital imaging of vascular anomalies and extracellular matrix remodeling in orthotopic pancreatic tumors

    Authors: Bochner F., Mohan V., Zinger A., Golani O., Schroeder A., Sagi I. & Neeman M. (2020), International Journal of Cancer. 146, 8, p. 2209-2217
  • Unexplained repeated pregnancy loss is associated with altered perceptual and brain responses to men’s body-odor

    Authors: Rozenkrantz L., Weissgross R., Weiss T., Ravreby I., Frumin I., Shushan S., Gorodisky L., Reshef N., Holzman Y., Pinchover L., Endevelt-Shapira Y., Mishor E., Soroka T., Finkel M., Tagania L., Ravia A., Perl O., Furman-Haran E., Carp H. & Sobel N. (2020), eLife. 9, 55305
  • Dynamic T2 mapping by multi‐spin‐echo spatiotemporal encoding

    Authors: Bao Q., Ma L., Liberman G., Solomon E., Martinho R. P. & Frydman L. (2020), Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 84, 2, p. 895-907
  • Polyamines Mediate Folding of Primordial Hyperacidic Helical Proteins

    Authors: Despotović D., Longo L. M., Aharon E., Kahana A., Scherf T., Gruic-Sovulj I. & Tawfik D. S. (2020), Biochemistry. 59, 46, p. 4456-4462
  • Realistic head-shaped phantom with brain-mimicking metabolites for 7 T spectroscopy and spectroscopic imaging

    Authors: Jona G., Furman-Haran E. & Schmidt R. (2020), NMR in Biomedicine. 1, e4421
  • Readout and control of an endofullerene electronic spin

    Authors: Pinto D., Paone D., Kern B., Dierker T., Wieczorek R., Singha A., Dasari D., Finkler A., Harneit W., Wrachtrup J. & Kern K. (2020), Nature Communications. 11, 6405
  • Human Olfaction without Apparent Olfactory Bulbs

    Authors: Weiss T., Soroka T., Gorodisky L., Shushan S., Snitz K., Weissgross R., Furman-Haran E., Dhollander T. & Sobel N. (2020), Neuron. 105, 1, p. 35-45
  • Sensitivity-enhanced three-dimensional and carbon-detected two-dimensional NMR of proteins using hyperpolarized water

    Authors: Olsen G. L., Szekely O., Mateos B., Kaderavek P., Ferrage F., Konrat R., Pierattelli R., Felli I. C., Bodenhausen G., Kurzbach D. & Frydman L. (2020), Journal of Biomolecular NMR. 74, 2-3, p. 161-171
  • Relationship Between Odor Intensity Estimates and COVID-19 Prevalence Prediction in a Swedish Population

    Authors: Iravani B., Arshamian A., Ravia A., Mishor E., Snitz K., Shushan S., Roth Y., Perl O., Honigstein D., Weissgross R., Karagach S., Ernst G., Okamoto M., Mainen Z., Monteleone E., Dinnella C., Spinelli S., Marino-Sanchez F., Ferdenzi C., Smeets M., Touhara K., Bensafi M., Hummel T., Sobel N. & Lundstrom J. N. (2020), Chemical Senses. 45, 6, p. 449-456
  • Increased Glutamate concentrations during prolonged motor activation as measured using functional Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy at 3T

    Authors: Volovyk O. & Tal A. (2020), NeuroImage. 223, 117338
  • Hyaluronan control of the primary vascular barrier during early mouse pregnancy is mediated by uterine NK cells

    Authors: Hadas R., Gershon E., Cohen A., Atrakchi O., Lazar S., Golani O., Dassa B., Elbaz M., Cohen G., Eilam R., Dekel N. & Neeman M. (2020), JCI insight. 5, 22, 135775
  • Studying the precuneus reveals structure-function-affect correlation in long-term meditators

    Authors: Berkovich-Ohana A., Furman-Haran E., Malach R., Arieli A., Harel M. & Gilaie-Dotan S. (2020), Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. 15, 11, p. 1203-1216
  • Two closed ATP- and ADP-dependent conformations in yeast Hsp90 chaperone detected by Mn(II) EPR spectroscopic techniques

    Authors: Giannoulis A., Feintuch A., Barak Y., Mazal H., Albeck S., Unger T., Yang F., Su X. & Goldfarb D. (2020), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 117, 1, p. 395-404
  • Potential clinical impact of multiparametric quantitative MR spectroscopy in neurological disorders: A review and analysis

    Authors: Kirov I. I. & Tal A. (2020), Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 83, 1, p. 22-44
  • Diffusion and perfusion MRI of normal, preeclamptic and growth-restricted mice models reveal clear fetoplacental differences

    Authors: Bao Q., Hadas R., Markovic S., Neeman M. & Frydman L. (2020), Scientific Reports. 10, 1, 16380
  • Assessing site-specific enhancements imparted by hyperpolarized water in folded and unfolded proteins by 2D HMQC NMR

    Authors: Szekely O., Olsen G. L., Novakovic M., Rosenzweig R. & Frydman L. (2020), Journal of the American Chemical Society. 142, 20, p. 9267-9284
  • Olfactory sniffing signals consciousness in unresponsive patients with brain injuries

    Authors: Arzi A., Rozenkrantz L., Gorodisky L., Rozenkrantz D., Holtzman Y., Ravia A., Bekinschtein T. A., Galperin T., Krimchansky B., Cohen G., Oksamitni A., Aidinoff E., Sacher Y. & Sobel N. (2020), Nature. 7809, p. 428-+
  • Inducing defects in 19 F-nanocrystals provides paramagnetic-free relaxation enhancement for improved in-vivo hotspot MRI

    Authors: Mashiach R., Cohen D., Avram L., Harris T., Pinkas I., Houben L., Allouche-Arnon H. & Bar-Shir A. (2020), Nano Letters. 20, 10, p. 7207-7212
  • Novel multimodal molecular imaging of Vitamin H (Biotin) transporter activity in the murine placenta

    Authors: Ben Eliezer N., Lysenko M., Biton I. E., Golani O., Bartels J. L., Fernandez S. R., Aweda T. A., Clanton N. A., Beacham R., Lapi S. E., Garbow J. R. & Neeman M. (2020), Scientific Reports. 10, 1, 20767
  • Diffusion tensor distribution imaging of an in vivo mouse brain at ultrahigh magnetic field by spatiotemporal encoding

    Authors: Yon M., Martins J. P. d. A., Bao Q., Budde M. D., Frydman L. & Topgaard D. (2020), NMR in Biomedicine. 33, 11, e4355
  • Secondary structure determination of conserved SARS-CoV-2 RNA elements by NMR spectroscopy

    Authors: Wacker A., Weigand J. E., Akabayov S. R., Altincekic N., Bains J. K., Banijamali E., Binas O., Castillo-Martinez J., Cetiner E., Ceylan B., Chiu L. Y., Davila-Calderon J., Dhamotharan K., Duchardt-Ferner E., Ferner J., Frydman L., Fürtig B., Gallego J., Grün J. T., Hacker C., Haddad C., Hähnke M., Hengesbach M., Hiller F., Hohmann K. F., Hymon D., de Jesus V., Jonker H., Keller H., Knezic B., Landgraf T., Löhr F., Luo L., Mertinkus K. R., Muhs C., Novakovic M., Oxenfarth A., Palomino-Schätzlein M., Petzold K., Peter S. A., Pyper D. J., Qureshi N. S., Riad M., Richter C., Saxena K., Schamber T., Scherf T., Schlagnitweit J., Schlundt A., Schnieders R., Schwalbe H., Simba-Lahuasi A., Sreeramulu S., Stirnal E., Sudakov A., Tants J. N., Tolbert B. S., Vögele J., Weiß L., Wirmer-Bartoschek J., Wirtz Martin M. A., Wöhnert J. & Zetzsche H. (2020), Nucleic Acids Research. 48, 22, p. 12415-12435
  • The methyl 13C-edited/13C-filtered transferred NOE for studying protein interactions with short linear motifs

    Authors: Kumar S., Akabayov S. R., Kessler N., Cohen L. S., Solanki J., Naider F., Kay L. E. & Anglister J. (2020), Journal of Biomolecular NMR. 12, p. 681-693
  • A measure of smell enables the creation of olfactory metamers

    Authors: Ravia A., Snitz K., Honigstein D., Finkel M., Zirler R., Perl O., Secundo L., Laudamiel C., Harel D. & Sobel N. (2020), Nature. 588, 7836, p. 118-123
  • Google maps for tissues: Multiscale imaging of biological systems and disease

    Authors: Niendorf T., Frydman L., Neeman M. & Seeliger E. (2020), Acta Physiologica. 228, 2, e13392
  • Megadalton-sized Dityrosine Aggregates of α-Synuclein Retain High Degrees of Structural Disorder and Internal Dynamics

    Authors: Verzini S., Shah M., Theillet F., Belsom A., Bieschke J., Wanker E. E., Rappsilber J., Binolfi A. & Selenko P. (2020), Journal of Molecular Biology. 432, 24, 166689
  • Keeping the magnetic resonance community in touch in times of pandemic, and beyond

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