Catching on to cancer


Cancer: Genome, micro-environment and immunology

Lecturers: Prof. Yosef Yarden, Prof. Ziv Shulman, Prof. Valery Krizhanovsky, Dr. Ruth Scherz-Shouval, Prof. Zvi Livneh

Advanced light microscopy

Lecturers: Dr. Vyacheslav Kalchenko, Dr. Yoseph Addadi, Dr. Eduard Korkotian, Dr. Reinat Nevo


Impact of TP53 Genomic Alterations in Large B-Cell Lymphoma Treated With CD19-Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Therapy

Bispecific antibodies increase the therapeutic window of CD40 agonists through selective dendritic cell targeting

Authors: (2022), Nature Cancer.

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