Cancer: Genome, micro-environment and immunology

Lecturers: Prof. Yosef Yarden, Prof. Ido Amit, Prof. Ruth Scherz-Shouval, Prof. Zvi Livneh, Prof. Moshe Oren

State of the art techniques in immunology

Lecturers: Dr. Ira Zaretsky, Dr. Stav Miller, Dr. Yael Fridmann-Sirkis, Dr. Tomer Meir Salame, Dr. Hadas Keren-Shaul, Prof. Eric Shifrut, Dr. Ekaterina Kopitman, Dr. Ziv Porat, Dr. Yoseph Addadi, Dr. R. Haffner


Survivorship Data in Prostate Cancer: Where Are We and Where Do We Need To Be?

Authors: (2024),

Time-resolved single-cell transcriptomics defines immune trajectories in glioblastoma

Authors: (2024), Cell. 187, 1, p. 149-165.e23

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